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Major Incentives For Telework

Putting telework technology into your business gives you the opportunity to recruit workers from a more geographically diverse area and thus providing a larger skilled talent pool. Many teleworkers are more productive, more loyal, and are less inclined to look for other jobs. In some instances real estate costs are reduced by from 20% to 50% through better utilization of office space. The desire for a greater work~life balance that has driven many workers to desire it over pay increases.

The need for a more decentralized, dispersed, and distributed workforce is necessary when developing contingency plans for dealing with emergencies caused by traffic, weather, or people themselves.

Traffic congestion that, in many areas, has surpassed education as the number one concern of voters

The fact that a considerable percentage of the workforce, the `baby-boomers', will soon be retiring and leaving many jobs without the skilled labor pool necessary to refill them.

The need to bring jobs to much of the rural population in the country and the disabled.

Our need to clean the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Telework /Telecommuting Oregon Tax Credit

Defined as working at home or at a satellite office, telework center, or telecommunity center near home one or more days a week -- instead of commuting to the main office or place of business.

Projects that reduce vehicle miles traveled may qualify for a tax credit. Business owners can get a tax credit for purchasing and installing equipment that allows an employee to telework one or more days a week. Computers, fax machines, modems, phones, printers, software, copiers and other equipment necessary for telework qualify. The employee must telework at least 45 days per calendar year.

The most usefully information is on the bottom of page 18 and the top of page 19 which describes the qualifying telework equipment: (70) "Transportation Facility": A facility that reduces energy used for traveling, including but not limited to traveling to and from work or school, work-related travel or travel to obtain medical or other services. A transportation facility must meet one or more of the following criteria: (a) Telework defined as working from home or from an office near home instead of commuting a longer distance to the principal place of employment. It does not include homebased businesses or extension of the workday. Telework equipment must be installed to reduce employee vehicle miles traveled a minimum of 45 working days per 12 consecutive months. Eligible costs include purchase and installation of new or used equipment at the telework site. Computer, facsimile device, modem, phone, printer, software, copier, and other equipment necessary to facilitate telework as determined by the Director are eligible costs. Eligible cost for telework facilities does not include replacement cost for equipment at the principal place of business when that equipment is relocated to the telework site; fees for maintenance and operation of any equipment; office furniture and office supplies or training costs.

Here is a link to the Business Energy Tax Credit application for Transportation and Telework projects:"

Administrative rules are used to determine what equipment is qualified for the Business Energy Tax Credit for telework.
Here is the link to the Oregon Adminstrative Rules:

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