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For a free test account or for more information,
email or call Data Center West (541) 326-4212

Kerio Connect mail server mailbox cost:
1-4 mailboxes - Price Per Month 8.99/ea. 1GB disk space*
5-9 mailboxes - Price Per Month 7.99/ea. 1.5GB disk space*
10+ mailboxes - Price Per Month 6.99/ea. 2GB disk space*
*Additional disk space/email storage $2.00 per GB

For over 15 mailboxes we recommend a dedicated virtual server with the Kerio Connect mail server software installed.
Virtual server price per month: $50 - includes 30GB disk space and Centos OS.
Kerio Connect mail server software for 10 users $581.40 with a $174.25 annual software support.

Additional Kerio Connect mailbox software cost:
+ 5 users $120 one time - $36 annual software support from Kerio.
+ 20 users $480 one time - $144 annual software support from Kerio.

Server setup for less than 10 boxes is $75.
Server setup for more than 10 boxes is $150.
Consulting fees may apply for assistance with set up on client machines and installing server updates on virtual servers.

Non profit, government and educational organization discount.
Pricing for mail server software is about 15% less for Government, Non Profits and educational organizations.

You can upgrade all or some of your email accounts.

"I moved to Data Center Hosted Kerio Connect ... and love it. My employees also love it and it has been a huge success."