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Oregon Energy Tax Credit FAQ

Q: What are the requirements to get the tax credit for fuel reduction?
A: Installed equipment must reduce travel 45 days per 12 month period or reduce business related travel by 25%

Q: How does the tax credit get applied One year? Five years?
A: For 50% tax Credit it is 10% each year. For 35% tax credit it is 10% 1st year and 5% annually there after.
   Those with eligible project costs of $20,000 or less may take the tax credit in one year.
    Unused credits can be carried forward for up to eight years.

Q: What costs are eligible?
A: Covers all costs directly related to the project installation

Q: How much reoccurring cost will be covered?
A: "$0". Maintenance or monthly fees are not covered

Q: Can non-profit organizations, schools, governmental agencies, tribes, other public entities use the
    Business Energy Tax Credit?
A: Yes. The Pass-through Option will allows a businesses without tax liability to transfer their tax credit for an
    eligible project to a business with a tax liability.

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