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An Alternative To In-house IT Management and onsite servers

* Save up to 70% of traditional IT costs by getting rid of application servers
* Never buy another server
* Replace those old apps with new 'best of breed' online applications accessible from everywhere
* Introduce the latest business management and productivity tools to your business
* Complete transparency on what your employees are doing
* No more worries about where your company data is being used and accessed
* No more logging onto multiple sites to access your applications
* Access your online applications with one username and password
* Receive 1 simple to understand bill each month

IMAGEWe have a variety of options so you can determine how much of your system's functionality you would like Data Center West to manage. Care and control can be as much or as little as you want.

Service Examples:

* Virtual Servers or colocated hardware support
* 24/7 monitoring & network maintenance
* Firewall & intrusion applications
* Virus, spam and content filtering
* System configuration and integration
* Routing and IP management.

Managed Operating Systems includes Linux and Windows. Data Center West administrators can support software updates including patches, service packs, hot fixes and backup.

We maintain your system's integrity by structuring a secure environment. And, we offer "user-friendly" technical advice and consultations on a wide range of system architectures and software(s)

Co-Managed services range from total server management to providing you with your private Administrator or Root password access for your server. You decide who maintains your server and applications.

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